Long Hair Beard Transplant

Patient feedback

The main advantage of Long Hair Transplantation is the headiest cosmetic result which patient and doctor get immediately after the end of the procedure. Preliminary visible hair transplant result seems not to be the only advantage of long hair transplantation. It caused a lot of technological, behavioral and communicational changes and all these changes opens a door for us in a totally new universe of hair restoration surgery. Among many others, these changes include:

  • Immediate confirmation of natural look of transplanted hairs for both: for patient and for doctor.
  • Completely unnoticed postoperative period comparing to other standard hair transplant procedures.
  • More accurately defined percentage of final hair grows.
  • Increased capability of the patient to take part in the hair transplant process;
  • Optimal definition of transplanted hair density by using a concept of an ideal density.
  • A more profound understanding of the causing factors of poor hair grow in case of poor final hair transplant result.
  • Understanding the importance of maintaining donor resources for achieving a maximally good result.

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Long-term experience in the field of transplantology, and dozens of patients happy with their results, serve as a quality assurance. We sign a contract with the patient in which we guarantee the life-long growth of the transplanted hair. Moreover, even if you try to pull them out, they will grow in again.

And what about the morbidity of the procedure? Thanks to the original technologies used in our clinic, beard hair transplant normally proceeds without blood loss or pain. Therefore, the few hours during which the patient is in our clinic pass by very comfortably.

The post-surgical period is painless, but insignificant hypostasis is still possible, as we are dealing with the soft tissues of the face. However, thanks to this soft tissue, the process of healing and smoothing of post-surgical traces goes quickly. Usually, within a week, there are no visible traces of surgery on the patient's face.

See the video of hair transplant in to the side-whiskers area:

Beard transplant results: