Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Body Hair Transplantation allows harvesting additional grafts from chest, beard, legs, pubic and etc. in patients with poor donor supply and gives chance to conduct giga sessions- up to 8000 grafts. Also successfully used for beard restoration.

As a donor zone, we usually use the back of the head. Regardless of the hair transplant scale, all procedures take one surgical day. Doctors can give recommendations concerning the necessary quantity of grafts based on the patient’s photo, having estimated the volume of available hairs on his face, and having an example of the result that the patient would like to receive after the beard hair transplant.

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Long-term experience in the field of transplantology, and dozens of patients happy with their results, serve as a quality assurance. We sign a contract with the patient in which we guarantee the life-long growth of the transplanted hair. Moreover, even if you try to pull them out, they will grow in again.

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And what about the morbidity of the procedure? Thanks to the original technologies used in our clinic, beard hair transplant normally proceeds without blood loss or pain. Therefore, the few hours during which the patient is in our clinic pass by very comfortably.

Patient feedback

The post-surgical period is painless, but insignificant hypostasis is still possible, as we are dealing with the soft tissues of the face. However, thanks to this soft tissue, the process of healing and smoothing of post-surgical traces goes quickly. Usually, within a week, there are no visible traces of surgery on the patient's face.

Patient feedback

See the video of hair transplant in to the side-whiskers area: